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“Fight Back” eBook Review

Fight Back eBook.

Easy-to-read and use, the Fight Back eBook that will save you money on red light and speed camera tickets, traffic attorneys, and auto insurance rate increases. It provides you with the advantage you need to fight and win in traffic court.

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PhantomALERT™ App Review

PhantomALERT App

Avoid tickets using your GPS, Tablet or SmartPhone. Use the PhantomALERT™ App to download the map database of police speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, speed zones, rail road crossings, dangerous intersections and more.

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Reflector Cover Review

Reflector Cover.

This license plate cover looks like any other when viewed by the human eye. However, when photographed by the high-powered flash of traffic enforcement installations, the embedded mirror-like particles act as powerful miniature reflectors redirecting the flash back into the camera lens and overexposing the plate in the resulting image.

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PhotoShield™ Cover Review


PhotoShield's unique lens design allows it go unnoticed when viewed directly from behind. However, photos taken from traffic camera angles will include 2 or 3 characters that are distorted beyond recognition. The resulting image is useless to traffic enforcement agents.

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PhotoBlocker Spray Review


Engineered specifically for use on license plates, PhotoBlocker is an aerosol spray that dries to transparent, non-yellowing, high-gloss finish that reflects camera flash. Any license plate that has been treated with PhotoBlocker is fully legible under normal lighting conditions — but if photographed using flash — the resulting image is so overexposed, it is impossible for the enforcement authorities to read the license plate number. As they have no other means of identifying your vehicle, no citation is issued. Your driving record remains safe, and your auto insurance premiums do not increase.

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