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Christian is edited by Christian Hollander who is relatively new to the business of fighting redlight and speed camera tickets.

Christian decided to become involved in the summons-fighting business after seeing media reports about motorists who were completely surprised to receive redlight and speed camera citations in the mail. The stories usually focused on people who felt that they had been ticket unjustly. While it was likely that these cases were the exception and not the rule, it did not seem right that the ticketed motorists were not provided an opportunity to confront their accuser, offer an explanation, or ask for further examination of the allegedly incriminating photograph prior to the summons being issued.

After additional research, Chris was surprised to learn that there were indeed numerous instances in which the technology proved to be inaccurate. He found it troubling that a major U.S. city like Chicago, with annual revenues of more than $70,000,000 in redlight camera fines, had actually shortened yellow lights to 3 seconds, while yellow lights in its surrounding suburbs lasted 4 to 4.5 seconds. With numerous studies showing that redlight cameras actually produced more accidents, Chris realized that the cameras were not being installed for reasons of safety. The true purpose of the cameras was and is to make money.

Proponents of the cameras admit that rear-end accidents increase at camera-monitored intersections, they claim however, that the more lethal, “T-bone” accidents decrease. This is at best marginally accurate based on a handful of cherry-picked studies, as the majority of studies show fatalities at camera intersections either increase or remain relatively constant.

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