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Protect Yourself Against Radar, Speed and Redlight Cameras

NOTE: The products reviewed by RedlightCameraTicket.netare intended only to offer law-abiding motorists protection from defective speed and red light cameras. The editors of this site do not endorse or excuse either speeding or running red lights. Both practices are illegal and endanger your life as well as the lives of fellow motorists and pedestrians.

Q.  Are there specific camera types these products offer protection from?

A.  These products are designed to protect motorists from being unfairly given camera tickets from photo radar, redlight and speed cameras. PhantomALERT™ App for smart phones, tablets, and on-board navigation systems provides protection from cameras, radar, speed traps, DUI checkpoints, and more.

Q.  Are these products legal?

A.  The answer depends greatly on where you live, as traffic laws vary from region to region. In many areas the law states your tag need only be visible to the human eye.

Q.  Are these products easy to use?

A.  Simply follow the instructions included with your order to protect yourself from unwanted tickets.

Q.  Do these products really work?

A.  Yes. If they didn’t, our reviews and ratings would reflect that. The basic idea behind this site was to gather the best of the best products that protect motorists from unjust citations. That being said, we are looking to add new product reviews, and in the future will likely add reviews of ineffective products. But make no mistake, the reviews will reflect that and serve to warn consumers that their money would be better spent elsewhere.

The current reviews include products that have been featured on ABC News, NBC, CBS, Dutch TV, Norwegian TV, Tech TV, and others. You may have read articles about these products in the UK’s Daily Mail or The Washington Times to name but a few examples of the media coverage received. Tests that were conducted by British TV, Australian TV, Swedish TV, Dutch Police and the Denver Police Department demonstrate that the products have thousands of satisfied customers the world over.

Q.  Will a single can of PhotoBlocker Spray cover than one plate?

A.  Yes. One can of PhotoBlocker Spray will cover two to three European-size number plates and three to four US/Canadian-sized plates.

Q.  Do I need to apply more than one coat of the spray?

A.  Yes. For optimal results, apply three or four coats as per the instructions included with PhotoBlocker Spray.

Q.  Is it possible to become an agent, affiliate or a dealer for these products?

A.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can make money as an agent, affiliates, or dealer for these cutting-edge, ticket-beating products click here for PhantomALERT™ and click here for PhantomPlate.

Q.  Are the products that you review all different?

A.  We review one photo blocking spray; two photo blocking tag covers; one app that warns of traffic enforcement installations including cameras, radar, speed traps, DUI checkpoints, etc.; and one eBook that includes the insider knowledge used by successful attorneys to beat traffic tickets in court.

PhantomALERT™ App

The APP that provides you with the real-time information you need to avoid redlight cameras, speed cameras, speed traps, DUI checkpoints and more. PhantomALERT™ software supports on-board and in-dash GPS systems by Magellan, TomTom and Garman. Not only does it utilize advanced-notice visual and audio alerts that help you avoid summonses in traffic enforcement areas, but it is also a real-time traffic-congestion monitoring system that helps you circumvent traffic jams. Further, it’s guaranteed for accuracy, is transferable to family members, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you get to test drive it risk free.
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PhotoBlocker Spray

This formula comes in an aerosol can so it is easy to spray onto your number plate. When the high-gloss spray has been applied to the plate, it has a clear finish. This finish has been specifically formulated to safeguard you from unjust redlight camera tickets from traffic camera flashes. When your plate has been sprayed the finish cannot be detected by the human eye. Most cameras use a flash to photograph license plates. This product is superb for regions where license plate covers are not permitted. Using this product could save you a lot of hard earned cash and help to prevent auto insurance increases triggered by the negative effects of moving violations on your driving record.

The Denver Police Department joined forces with a team of FOX NEWS investigative reporters to test the spray using real photo-radar equipment and they stated that is was very effective. No one will know that you have the invisible spray on your license plate and just one can of spray covers up to four plates. One application lasts a lifetime.
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PhotoShield™ Cover

This license plate cover is engineered to appear clear to the human eye wile a slim strip of lens on the reverse side acts as a photo disrupting agent. The cover looks just like any other you would buy in an auto accessory store. However, if a roadside photo/radar camera takes a picture of your plate without or with flash, two or three of the plate characters will appear blurred, owing to the light-deflecting properties of the lens strip. The result is a photograph in which some of the plate characters are illegible. The photograph is useless to the summons-issuing agent and discarded.
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Reflector Cover

This cover works in much the same way as the spray — it causes overexposure of the license plate in any image that was photographed using a flash unit. The clear plastic cover has a coating of crystals that reflect the light without causing distortion. Once the Reflector Cover is in place, you can look at your license plate from any angle and you will be able to see it clearly. The crystals act like miniature mirrors, reflecting the camera flash and producing a photograph in which the license plate is overexposed and unreadable. This product is perfect for motorists who would prefer not to use the reflective spray on their tags.
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Fight Back eBook

Join the thousands who fight and beat traffic tickets in court. This $39.95 eBook is free to purchasers of the PhantomALERT™ Database or Discount Packages of PhotoBlocker, PhotoShield™ and Reflector Cover Fight Backshows you exactly what to do if you receive a speed or redlight camera summons. You’ll learn the insider tricks used by leading traffic attorneys including the “Top 10 Tricks” to beat traffic tickets in court. Written by a traffic court judge and a traffic attorney with more than 3,500 dismissed cases, Fight Back is easy to read, but extremely effective, and a “must read” for every motorist who cares about their auto insurance rates.
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PLEASE NOTE: Drivers who would like to be protected 100% of the time and prefer not use the PhantomALERT™ App should use the PhotoShield™ Cover in conjunction with PhotoBlocker Spray. The cover protects you from cameras that do not utilize flash, while the spray offers added protection from cameras that employ flash units. Affiliates, retailers, distributors and manufacturers of the products reviewed here are not liable for their use in any manner that violates applicable law. Please review traffic laws in your area before using these products.

Q.  Is there one product that is better than the others?

A.  The PhotoBlocker Spray used in combination with the PhotoShield Cover produces incredibly effective results that are superior to those of any individual product or combination of products.

Q.  Is SuperShield’s Cover better than PhotoShield?

A.  Designed to go undetected by the human eye, PhotoShield is clearly superior. Appearing to be a regular plate cover, PhotoShield does not attract unwanted attention but will blur plate numbers in any photograph — flash or otherwise. If the traffic enforcement agency cannot read the plate in the photo, they cannot issue a summons. Unfortunately, SuperShield has been known to attract unwanted attention as it gives off a strong and unwelcome reflection when viewed by the human eye at certain angles.

Q.  I want to be protected all of the time, what do you recommend?

A.  Use the PhotoShield Cover on a plate that has been treated with PhotoBlocker Spray. The PhotoBlocker Spray is applied first. When completely dry reinstall the plate and then install the PhotoShield Cover. This combination insures that you are protected against both flash and non-flash photography.

Q.  Is it better to use the PhotoBlocker Spray and the Reflector Cover together? Is the effectiveness of the Reflector Cover diminished by the PhotoBlocker Spray?

A.  Reflector Cover and the PhotoBlocker Spray can and should be used together. Installing the Reflector Cover over a plate that has been sprayed with PhotoBlocker produces an overexposure effect that is even more effective than when the products are used individually. The more reflective your plate, the less likely you are to be ticketed unjustly. Additionally, the Reflector Cover protects the sprayed tag from harmful UV rays, scratches, dirt and debris.

Q.  How quickly will my products be delivered?

A.  Deliveries to the United States and Canada require five to seven days. Deliveries to Australia and New Zealand require two to four weeks. Deliveries to Europe require two to three weeks.

Q.  Do the manufacturers accept payment via money order and personal checks?

A.  Purchasers residing in the United States and Canada may pay by money order or personal check. Complete details are available at the manufacturers’ websites.

Q.  Do the manufacturers of these products accept cash on delivery (C.O.D.) payments?

A.  No. Customers who prefer not to use a credit card may pay via postal money order or personal check. Complete details are available at the manufacturers’ websites.

PLEASE NOTE: does not condone the use of the products reviewed on these pages for running red lights, speeding, or avoiding the payment of lawful tolls. These activities are illegal and may endanger the lives of drivers and passengers, as well as your own. These products are designed solely to protect motorists from faulty red light and speed cameras. In some jurisdictions it is unlawful to display on any vehicle a license plate which is obscured in any manner which inhibits the proper operation of an automated red light enforcement system. The affiliate,, the manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of these products in violation of any applicable law. Before using these products, please check your state and local laws and regulations, and consult a qualified attorney. Always obey traffic regulations and applicable motor vehicle law. Click here to read our complete Affiliate Disclaimer.


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